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5 Reasons to Eat Local, Seasonal Food

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  Introducing more locally grown and seasonal foods into your diet has loads of benefits for you, your community and our environment. Here’s some of the reasons we think you should keep it local and eat seasonal.   It will reduce your environmental impact Food that has travelled across the world to get to your plate has a much higher impact on our environment. More energy is needed to transport, refrigerate and store it and often, more packaging is needed to keep it fresh. By eating local, seasonal foods you can help reduce the environmental costs associated with your food.   You can eat better food for less Local produce is...

Learn to eat for free

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  It’s the end of January and Christmas has left us with tight waistbands and worrying bank balances. To get you through the next week, we have a way for you to eat for free – eat the food you already have.    Most of us have cupboards and freezers filled with food that has already been paid for. The longer it stays there, the less likely we are to use it. This week, while you count down to pay-day, eat the food you have at home! Staying out of the shops will help you save money, save food and leave more time for that new gym-membership, or the...

The Festive Shopping Battleground – a survivors’ manual!

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Christmas is a lovely time of the year but also a time when there can be lots of wasted food. More food is thrown out during the festive season than at any other time of the year. Buying too much can have a big impact on your pocket and if this food becomes waste well then, who’s the turkey? With a little forward planning, and watching out for some of the key foods that are wasted, a lot of this food waste can be avoided. One of the main areas to be careful is in the supermarket. Trying to avoid over spending and overfilling your fridge at Christmas can...

Freeze your spending!

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Freezers are a great friend to every kitchen but they can become a disorganised food black hole in no time. We put food in with the best intentions of future use, but it often comes out and goes straight into the bin because we can’t remember how long it’s been in there! So this week why not go to your freezer and make a list of what’s in there. Put the list on the side of your freezer. Then plan a series of meals around these items – this is food that will cost you nothing but if forgotten may be wasted. Check out our newsletter for more...