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Fall foliage – also known as Autumn leaves!

Fall foliage – also known as Autumn leaves!

Autumn leaves

As summer heads off in the rear view mirror (thankfully very slowly) and autumn sets in, one of the best resources for home composting is falling all around us – leaves!

If you have a lot of leaves in your garden you may find them annoying at times but when it comes to composting they are fantastic. Gathered and left to decompose on their own they will break down over time to form a lovely mulch. However, if you have the time and space to gather and store a number of large piles they are ideal to use during the summer months to compost with your grass and food waste. Leaves can be stored in the open, in a simple wire enclosure to prevent them from blowing away or, if gathered when moist, they can be stored in bags that have a few air holes in them. Also, kids love playing with leaves so getting them on the case can be a great way to keep them active!

leaf bins

Leaves are high in carbon so provide the perfect balance for nitrogen high materials like grass and food scraps in your composter. For more on the 5 essentials of home composting check out the Composting Basics section.