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How can I stop food waste?sfw-social-icon

Because we all waste food for different reasons there will be different ways for each of us to Stop the Food we Waste.

Knowing what works for everyone is impossible so to really make a lasting change you need to consider how you manage your food from start to finish.

Consider the following…

Step 1. Know Your Food Waste

To stop food waste first become aware of what and how much you throw out.



1 Separate your food waste – put  your food waste into a separate container to see how much you really waste




2 Record your waste – to remember the food you throw out, make a note of it.





3 Identify the reasons – If you know what and why you throw out, you can work towards stopping it.

Step 2. Planning

Good planning makes life easier, saves you money and reduces food waste.



1 Know your cupboard – before you step outside your door, know what you already have.



2 Make your plan – a sure way to reduce food waste is to plan your meals properly.



3 Write your list – a properly planned shopping list will save you time, money and help you stop food waste!

Step 3. Shopping

This is one place you waste food before you even buy it… Buyer beware.




1 Before – be prepared –  Know what you need before you go and don’t shop on an empty stomach!



2 During – be strong –  You have your list, stick to it and beware, bargain buys often go to waste.




3 After – how much have you saved? Shorter receipts? lighter bins? have a look and see what you have saved.

Step 4. Storage

Make the most of what you’ve bought and give your food a good home.




1 Store it right – knowing the right place for the right food is half the battle.





2 Use it right. Don’t get caught out, know your dates and use your friends, the fridge and freezer.



3 Make it last. There are many great ways to preserve your food but do you know how?

Step 5. Cooking & Serving

Now to the tastiest part of stopping food waste – the eating part. Bon Appetit!




1 Proper Portions – An overloaded plate leads to an overloaded bin – know your portions.




2 Serving and reuse – Learn about the magic art of the loaves and fishes!



3 Random Recipes. There are many ways to cook a spud so check out our recipe section which has recipes for everyone.