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Reducing food waste in Irish Businesses

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In conjunction with Stop Food Waste, the Clean Technology Centre, CIT has been commissioned by the EPA to carry out a food waste related project entitled: Reducing Commercial Food Waste in Ireland. This will be funded under the EPA Research Progamme. This project will explore the sources and, most importantly, the reasons for Commercial Food Waste (CFW) generation in Ireland. CFW is a significant part of the municipal waste stream and, while there is some information on the main food waste producing sectors, much of this is extracted from larger data sets and provides little specific information. In order to identify potential prevention opportunities, it is first necessary to determine...

Make the most of Winter Leaves

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“I got tired of looking at all those leaves in my yard, so I got up off the couch and went into action. I closed the curtains.” Anonymous With the latest blustery weather the last of the leaves will be falling from the trees. In stead of seeing them as a nuisance, with a tiny bit of work they can be harvested as a tremendous gardening and composting resource. Leaves will compost, slowly but very easily, into a substance called leaf mould that is an excellent source of organic matter for soil and the microorganisms that dwell in it. This happens all the time in nature, and year-upon-year leaf...

The U.S. Government Wants To Cut Food Waste In Half

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Cutting food waste is not easy. Not for the consumer, the supplier, the grower or the retailer. At the start it seems like a massive mountain to climb with no notion of where to start. However, setting targets (especially realistic ones!) is a great way to focus the mind and get things progressing. This is what the US Government has just done by setting a goal to cut food waste by 50%. While there is a lot to do, it is a start! Similarly, the Stop Food Waste Challenge sets Irish housholders a target of reducing their food waste by 25%. For those that have participated in the programme...