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Make the most of Winter Leaves

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β€œI got tired of looking at all those leaves in my yard, so I got up off the couch and went into action. I closed the curtains.” Anonymous With the latest blustery weather the last of the leaves will be falling from the trees. In stead of seeing them as a nuisance, with a tiny bit of work they can be harvested as a tremendous gardening and composting resource. Leaves will compost, slowly but very easily, into a substance called leaf mould that is an excellent source of organic matter for soil and the microorganisms that dwell in it. This happens all the time in nature, and year-upon-year leaf...

The U.S. Government Wants To Cut Food Waste In Half

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Cutting food waste is not easy. Not for the consumer, the supplier, the grower or the retailer. At the start it seems like a massive mountain to climb with no notion of where to start. However, setting targets (especially realistic ones!) is a great way to focus the mind and get things progressing. This is what the US Government has just done by setting a goal to cut food waste by 50%. While there is a lot to do, it is a start! Similarly, the Stop Food Waste Challenge sets Irish housholders a target of reducing their food waste by 25%. For those that have participated in the programme...