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Reducing food waste in Irish Businesses

Reducing food waste in Irish Businesses

picture1In conjunction with Stop Food Waste, the Clean Technology Centre, CIT has been commissioned by the EPA to carry out a food waste related project entitled: Reducing Commercial Food Waste in Ireland. This will be funded under the EPA Research Progamme.
This project will explore the sources and, most importantly, the reasons for Commercial Food Waste (CFW) generation in Ireland. CFW is a significant part of the municipal waste stream and, while there is some information on the main food waste producing sectors, much of this is extracted from larger data sets and provides little specific information.

In order to identify potential prevention opportunities, it is first necessary to determine the actual sources and reasons for commercial food waste, (e.g. plate waste, preparation waste, out of date food, etc.). This project aims to do that and will examine different sectors and the food waste types they generate. Best practices and innovative solutions for the reduction of food waste in these sectors will be identified and trialed. Based on these Benchmarks and Best Practice Guidelines will be developed.

The project started in March 2016 and will run until the end of 2018. So, if you are a business in the food retail, hotel or restaurant sector (including business canteens) and are interested in participating please get in contact at:

For useful resources on food waste in business visit