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fww2Why do we waste food?

We all waste food for different reasons. Sometimes it is because there has been a change of plans and it is out of our control but most of the time we waste the same types of food for the same 2 main reasons: we have bought or prepared too much, or we have forgotten to use it on time.

Looking into why food gets wasted, the following are more specific reasons that have been identified:

plate scrapings• Leftovers – this is usually because too much food has been prepared or put on the plate

• Partially used food – this includes food not used but also leftovers which end up at the back of the fridge but never get reused

Passed its use by date – applies mainly to dairy, meat and fish which wasn’t used on time

• Food gone off – smelt bad, looked bad, tasted bad – this food had a chance but was managed badly

• Passed its best before date – this usually impacts things like bread and other staples that waste away in the cupboardOranges

• Badly prepared – never easy to say it but sometimes the food prepared just didn’t taste great – sorry Mom!

• Change of plans – this happens but if you can manage the food you were going to use quickly then it can still be part of your future!

Regardless of the reason why you throw out food, you bought it and now it is  costing you to throw it out. So, when you are throwing out food, or recording the food you have wasted, money Anote the reasons for your food waste and see if there are small changes that you can make to reduce this waste and save you €€€s

Challenge: Know your food waste